Active development has ceased The plugin is no longer developed further. However the source-code can be licensed "AS IS", contact the author for further details. To allow porting the toolkit to other open-source tools, parts of the code can be found here on github. General Feedback Use the email below if you run into problems with the installation or other issues arise with the software. However, keep in mind that the software is provided 'as is' and was a spare-time project by a single individual, hence replies will be delayed. Check the known issues or past release logs for open or fixed problems.
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Installation Download the package and unzip it. Inside the zip there is an .mzp file which you can drag & drop onto the 3dsmax window to start the installation process.

Alternatively install via MAXScript -> Run Script... and select the .mzp file.

The installation process will ask for license information, you can leave the fields empty if you want to use the trial mode. In the end a restart of 3dsmax is required to load the plugin. If you've purchased a single user license use key # 1 (default text), otherwise use the key numbers provided with each licens code for different seats/users in a studio. After this restart you can customize your user interface to access the functionality via keyboard commands, toolbars, right click menus or other means that 3dsmax provides. Updating Updating works similar as as a new installation. However, the installer will shutdown all running 3dsmax processes at the end and restart the 3dsmax version from which you started the installation. Between the shutdown and restart the plugin will be updated.
As a regular shutdown of 3dsmax is used, you will be prompted to save changes made to files.

Toolbar To create a dedicated toolbar for the plugin's function use Customize -> Customize User Interface...

Select the Toolbar tab and assure the Category is set to AIFSketch

Click New... to create a new toolbar

Finally fill it with content by dragging & dropping commands from the Action table.

You should now be ready to use the brush on Editable Polys : )

Toolbars can also be docked to any side of the main 3dsmax window, if you don't like floating toolbars.

Known Issues

Uninstall Within the settings dialog there is a support section at the bottom which allows you to uninstall the software. The license key file, as well as any other files saved to the plugin configuration directory, will be preserved. This directory typically looks similar to this: